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  • Project Managing Your Strata Committee

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Howzat! Platinum hits a 6 at the Blacktown Sports Park

Last year, Platinum Painting were engaged to complete a full re-paint of the Baseball Stadium located within the Blacktown International Sports Park. More recently, Platinum completed a full wash-down and re-paint of…

Keeping up with the Joneses (and knowing when not to).

These days, many of us obsess over ‘Keeping up with the Joneses.’  If you’re a business owner, ‘Keeping up’ can mean the difference between customers (and cash), flowing through the door or closing your door for good. However,…

Project Managing Your Strata Committee

Working with Strata is one of our specialities. Why? Because managing people and communication are our key strengths.…

Deleting down time blues – Keeping the doors open

For business owners, there is nothing more stressful than hearing the words, “we need to shut the doors for a few days.” That means loss of trade, loss of income, agitated customers…
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